I have had the privilege - and incredible joy - of being on the receiving end of Chris' many-faceted artistic talents. His skills as a multimedia graphic designer and illustrator literally have set the bar for what I expect now in the field. He has developed the uncanny ability to listen to the "story" behind and beyond the client's request and to design a product that far surpasses what I originally hoped for. Additionally, that ability to listen for the "story" has revealed itself repeatedly in his videographic and editorial skills. Chris' humility and unassuming attitude, along with his winsome and gracious personality, make him so easy to work with that I genuinely look forward to our creative exchanges. His professional character and attention to detail reveal a heart that cares both about his work (the product) as well as the client's goal. I have known (and worked with) Chris for quite a few years now and I can attest to his abilities, passionate clarity, values, trustworthiness, and professionalism. I highly, highly, highly recommend him.
— Pastor David Woolverton, St. Paul's UMC
“I have worked closely with Chris Ruch for the past eight years at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on a vast array of creative and promotional endeavors. Chris’s creative energies are seemingly endless and he possesses the rare artistic ability to identify the perfect creative expression for your idea, along with the ability to bring it to fruition. But, what is more significant is his ability to work with people in a way that empowers them and the organization to discern the true essence of its message and the best way to communicate that message. Chris does not simply create digital content (though he does this with more creativity and skill than anyone I know). He invests in people who then gain the skills and knowledge to better represent their organization through the development of quality creative expressions. If you simply need high quality digital content, Chris will deliver in an unparalleled way. But, if you also want to take your team to the next level of creative development, Chris is a most capable guide on that journey. Plus, he possesses values and integrity which make him a most trustworthy resource. I can’t recommend him more highly.”
— Via Pastor Sean Rajnic, St. Mark's UMC
I had the privilege of working with Chris for three years. In that time I found Chris to be an incredible person with great integrity. Chris' creativity never seems to end, and I have found that he is someone who makes those around him better. Chris has the ability to take several ideas formed in short discussions or brain storming sessions and make them come to life though many media formats (graphics, photo, video, etc.). Anyone working in the non-profit world who believes that attractive graphics and branding, or professional photography and video is not possible for your organization should not hesitate to contact Chris and allow him to help take you to the next level. His amazing talents, combined with his level of personal character, makes Chris a rare find.
— Pastor Daniel Gulnac, Chichester United Weslyan Church
Chris is one of the most creative, hard-working artists I've had the privilege to work with. He's gifted at graphic design and video work, and lends his unique style to every project he's a part of. From '90s grunge videos to epic movie trailers, Chris has been able conjure up every look or feel that I've asked him to, and his commercial work is top notch, too. Chris is a genuine pleasure to work with, amazingly skilled and impossibly humble, and I can't recommend him more highly.
— Brent Urmey
I have known Chris Ruch quite well for the past five years or so.  During this period of time he has been consistently very creative and helpful in all sorts of ministry settings — whether it is in designing bulletin covers and other graphics, preparing custom videos, launching outreach ministries requiring relevant communications or creatively supporting other church programs.  He can be relied upon to bring a vague idea to life, give it personality and help it to communicate broadly to people of all ages and temperament type. With a heart for God and for people, and with a servant spirit ... Chris is an asset to any ministry team.
— Don Graybill, The Navigators
Working with Chris Ruch in a church setting has been awesome!  He really gets what it means to be an engaged follower of Jesus and yet he has the ability to inject just enough of the secular world into his work to make it relevant.  His videos and bulletin cover artwork are second to none.  Give Chris a theme, a verse, or a preliminary idea, and watch how it turns into beautiful, creative, edgy (yet appropriate) artwork or media.  Many times finding artwork for the abstract biblical texts for bulletins, videos, or marketing can be really challenging, but with Chris on your team, you'll never have to worry.
Chris is an integral part of the team that brings the creative elements of worship to life at St. Marks UMC. His graphic artwork has been used as cover art for the weekly bulletin, marketing materials, worship videos, video slides, project and conceptual renderings, and so much more.  His professionalism and demeanor make him so easy to work with, but above all, his Servant Heart makes him a great fit for any church or service organization to cover their graphic art needs.
— Pam Herman, former Administrative Assistant at St. Mark's UMC
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